Love vs. Lust- What’s the Difference?

Physical Attraction Comes First

If you are concerned more about the attractive looks of the other person, you are most likely experiencing lust and not love. Lust focuses on external appearance. For instance, when you lust for someone, you are concerned more about how they look, their eyes, and body. Although you may notice that the person you are in love with is handsome or pretty, you also pay attention to their unique, fine qualities. These are qualities that are not depicted by physical appearance such as kindness, soft heart, and intellect.

Falling in love is a process. It’s something that takes time to happen. From the initial attraction to a romantic love relationship, the process can be predicted depending on different factors. Nevertheless, love is generally an intense affection that someone wants to last long while lust is a desire with a sexual nature. The basis of lust is physical attraction and sexual desire.

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